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What better way to explore the beauty of places like Tuscany, Sicily and Venice than through the eyes of an artist?

Professional instructors, generous with their knowledge and experience, lead our painting workshops. Expect creative exploration and artistic growth, uninterrupted time with your canvas and lots of opportunity for new friendships and shared pleasure.

Our workshops accommodate different skill levels and embrace various techniques, from sketching to watercolour to oil painting and more. However, all workshops focus on the en plein air experience.

The peculiar nature of the travel and learning experience will resonate over time and be strongly influenced by the perceptions of those intakes: a personal treasure that vibrates, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.

For Teachers

La Meridiana has been operating for the last forty years organizing painting and ceramic workshops.

If you are an artist or institution and wish to raise a group of students to take to Italy, La Meridiana will be most exited to help in accomplishing such a project.  The programme will be custom made and in accordance with specific topic and travel interests.

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For Students

Exploring a foreign country can bring out the best in an artist —that is why art workshops combined with a vacation are so satisfying. A personal commitment to an artistic theme on a holiday is stimulating and offers an opportunity to open your senses and soul to new awareness and creativity.

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Our selected regions of Tuscany, Veneto and Sicily represent a unique fusion of cultures from the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans to the magnificence of medieval towns and splendors of the Renaissance.
To experience all this magic and seductive atmosphere we’ll not hurry from one town to another. For a personal growth and increased awareness we definitely prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Villa Alberti Veneto

The Veneto is a gem of a region in the northeast corner of Italy. From the grandeur of  Venice to the medieval and renaissance art cities, from the striking Dolomites mountains to a unique artistic heritage, the Veneto is a most fascinating region to explore.

Villa Bacio Tuscany

The word Tuscany conjures up a variety of images that can make you breathless. From the gentle hills, clad with vineyards and glasses brimming with good wine, to the Renaissance splendor. Blessed with beauty and unparalleled artistic legacy, it’s a region that largely lives up to its image.

Villa Salinara Sicily

Sicily lies to the south of the country immerged in the Mediterranean sea, the cradle of western culture with its long fascinating history resulting in a lavish mixed heritage of Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman and Byzantine presence.