Villa Bacio

Villa Bacio is an elegant 19th century country residence set on a working farm (Agriturismo), surrounded by the inimitable Tuscan hills clad with vineyards, olive groves, and woods. It is family-owned with a focus on sustainable, organic production.

As soon as spring is advanced enough, breakfast and dinners are served on the garden terrace overlooking the magnificent valley. The estate-grown selection of red and white wines are a special treat, and the programme includes an opportunity to visit the estate-owned ancient cellars.

The Villa and adjoining farmhouses have been lovingly restored in an authentic Tuscan style, including original terracotta floors; bedrooms are double or single occupancy with shared or private bathroom. Although the large garden and the swimming pool are shared with all guests of the property, there is ample opportunity for creating one’s own secluded corner to relax and reflect. The estate includes also a small delightful consecrated Chapel that provides yet another space to explore.


The word Tuscany conjures up a variety of images that can make you breathless: gentle hills clad with vineyards and olive groves, the magnificence of the Middle Ages, the splendour of Renaissance, the charming towns that have stood for all those centuries… Blessed with beauty and unparalleled artistic legacy, it is a region that largely lives up to its image. Set amidst all this, Villa Bacio is a most ideal settings for art retreats.


Whilst not included in our Itinerary, we cannot help but to speak of this city of timeless beauty with its extraordinary monuments, museums, churches, and gallieries with some of Italy’s most magnificent artworks from past to present.  In discovering the historical and popular districts of Florence, one will encounter historic food markets, piazzas with lively street cafés, artisanal shops and studios, and many styles of architecture.  Venturing off the beaten path away from the centre is no less intriguting, where one can find precious secrets about people and places.  Consider a few days in the city that is “the cradle of the Renaissance” before or after your retreat!


One of Italy’s most enchanting cities, Siena’s medieval centre bristles with majestic buildings. Its profusion of churches and museums harbour a wealth of artwork, though equally your day can be effectively filled by simply wandering the lanes of the historic centre, Il Campo – a Unesco World Heritage Site.


Volterra’s well-preserved medieval ramparts give the windswept town a proud, forbidding air.  With an extensive network of mysterious alleys and very steep stone stairways, it provides unrivalled testimony of its ancient Etruscan origin, transporting visitors back in time.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano, the so-called “Medieval Manhattan” for its famous medieval towers, is an essential feature of any visit to central Tuscany. In addition to its stunnng hilltop location which can be seen from quite a distance, it offers fabulous frescoes and other art works to admire and inspire.